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How to make a formal complaint to the Club

Before raising a welfare complaint to Birmingham WLV  about a member /parent/official of the club, it is important that you have made a formal complaint to the individual concerned. There needs to be an opportunity for all parties to respond and deal with the complaint.  Should you remain unsatisfied with the response and outcome, you can then make a formal complaint to Birmingham WLV  by following our Official complaints procedure below.  As a Club, the focus is to look after our players, be mindful and respectful towards each other. We are fully aware that they may be times when relations break down within teams when there are safeguarding or trust issues that need to be brought to our attention. We encourage you to bring forward any matter that concerns you so we can help to resolve and address the issues effectively that you may have with any player/parent/official of the club.

Complaints Procedure

Part 1 – Contact for complaint

Complaints should be made in writing and sent to club welfare officer or Ikhlaq Hussain via email


Part 2 – Documents

Complaints will be accepted in email format only.

Part 3 – Process

When a complaint is received. Birmingham WLV  will:

  • Acknowledge your complaint in writing/email within 48 hours of receipt
  • Advise you if any further information is required to support your complaint or ask you to complete the form if not already done.
  • Advise you if further information is required from a third party and seek your permission first.
  • Give you a reasonable indication of when the complaint will be resolved.

Part 4 – Complaints via Social Media

Birmingham WLV will not accept or acknowledge a complaint via Social Media. Although social media messages are frequently monitored.

Part 5 – Verbal Complaints

Upon receiving a verbal complaint, the complainant will be advised of the Complaints Procedure and will be directed to the relevant page on the website for more information. However, if the complainant is unable to send it in writing, then a verbal discussion will take place and minutes will be recorded.  A copy will then be sent to the complainant to sign.

Part 6 – Complaints Log

A complaint may be resolved with the person involved.  The Welfare Officer will, in the first instance act within 7 days and liaise with both parties to seek a resolution.  If the matter is not resolved then further intervention will take place with the Chairperson and another member of the club committee who will then review all the documentation and will make the decision on the outcome of the complaint or escalated to the FA.  This will result in a longer completed timescale in which the complainant will be notified duly. given.



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